NOAA Wx Radar Pro App Reviews

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Absolutely worthless at my location

This stupid program insists that I am at Muskegon, MI, which 1. Is no where near where I am. 2. Muskegon is near the shore of Lake Michigan and I am not so its weather will not be my weather. 3. The previous version of WX Alert was smart enough to get my location as near Big Rapids, MI. So why cant this idiotic version. And I f***ing had to pay for this junk.

Good, but not great.

The app is great and accurate, along with the radar information. I normally use two or three app to compare the difference. When compared to Weather Live and the iPhones native Yahoo! Weather, it is about 4 degrees off using Accuweather as a data source. I know that weather is measured at different spot, therefore temperature should be different as well. I guess Ill be using this for a while and see its accuracy. For now, Im upgrading it to a 4-star rating

Man great information… BUT

This app is so boring and not very streamlined. Instead of popovers to change a layer you have to go to another page and choose from a boring list then go back to the map page. Streamline! Make it more user friendly.


Most locations pages offer radar maps, current conditions, weekly and long-term forecasts, and sunrise/sunset times. Crisp and clear presentation. Really one of the better weather apps I have so far used. Radar maps are very clear.


The app has a lot of detail and I really like the layout. The graphics could look better though. Has a ton of info. I recommend it


The graphics need more polish if you ask me. The app has a lot of accurate info as far as I managed to test. Worth to have a look for sure though if youre into weather apps


No crushes, fast, extremely intuitive and informative. This app is working perfectly with good results. Awesome up to date radar.

Easy, fast, and reliable.

Doesnt get any better. Easy, fast, and reliable. Planning something? Use this app to be sure of a good time. Thanks!

Awesome app

This has become my go to radar.

Better if it didnt crash so much

Seemed like a great app, til it started crashing. Next time starting it results in a totally black, blank screen that freezes there for a few seconds, then crashes again. Uninstalling and re-installing only solved for a short time til it happened again.


I wish the alerts will go off. I got kids and Im at work not knowing Whats going on. I cant keep looking at my phone all the time!!

A good app

I like this app, but would like some better predictive radar and better immediate area radar.

Wx radar review

Not bad but seems to be a bit slow or behind actual events.


Every time I try to open I get a black screen then closes out. Not a good time to crash when youve got a big storm coming and the dang thing crashes!!

NOAA radar pro

So far the app seems great good information and works well

not happy

Yes this is a dollar well spent . However I didnt think it was a one time app use.. literally bought this at 7am and here we are at 10pm and it will not open.. NOT THRILLED!

Pretty good so far

I have several weather apps and each one has its strong points. This app just about combines all the benefits of all the other apps.

The superstar of Weather APPs

What a great weather app! Bravo!,

Great app


Well done!!!

Really well designed app that presents a wise variety of information.

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